Introduction To Information Systems (for barnesandnoble)

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Your task is to propose your own business or select an existing.Write a report that will address the following items:

1.Describe and provide details about the selected business.[10 marks]

2.List and describe at least five core business processes in this business. [10 marks]

3.Using the value chain model identify possible opportunities for strategic information system applications. [15 marks]

4.Use Porter’s competitive forces model to evaluate the competitive environment of this business. How can this model help your company develop competitive strategies using information system? [15 marks]

5.List and discuss the required IT infrastructures for this business. [10 marks]

6.How can you use Information system and information technology to provide you with competitive advantages? [10 marks]

7.Describe the available data in this business. What type of data is needed to support business intelligence and decision making? [10 marks]

8.Describe how database technologies could be used in this business. [10 marks]

9.Describe how this business can benefit from cloud computing and social networks. [10 marks]i need to uese the company in the below url

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