Journal – TMD – POV

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The purpose of this assignment is to examine point of view and its effects on the story. The purpose is also to help you understand that the point of view is key to both the plot and the theme of the story. In completing this assignment, you will also explore how looking at the story from a different point of view can change your understanding of the story.


  1. Read “Until the last tie” (pp. 38-40) paying attention to the first person point of view.
    • Access “Until the last tie” by clicking on Unit Resources, Unit 6.
    • Write notes on Guevara’s descriptions of events and the way he characterizes Alberto.
    • Answer the following questions in your notes:
      • What tone does he convey through his writing?
      • What writing habits does he have in terms of word choice (diction) and sentence structure?
      • Identify ways his writing makes Guevara’s voice distinctive.
  2. Rewrite this short chapter in a different point of view.
    • Remind yourself of the other point of view options for literature: first person (“I”), second person (“you,” rarely used), third person omniscient (“he, she, it,” knowing the thoughts of all characters), or third person limited (“he, she, it,” knowing only one character’s thoughts).
    • Choose one of those points of view. This book is originally written in first person so I recommend choosing to rewrite in first person from another character’s point of view, such as Alberto’s, but you may also choose one of the third person points of view.
    • Be creative in your choice; you do not need to follow the events exactly as Guevara tells them in this chapter. Imagining the same events from a new perspective means they could vary dramatically based on differing memories or interpretations.
    • Write your new chapter using a similar length to the original chapter (6-8 short paragraphs).

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