Comment your own opinion/thought on both (1,2) discussion 100 minimum NO PLAGIARISM 1-Is it even Ame

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Comment your own opinion/thought on both (1,2) discussion 100 minimum


1-Is it even American?

It is with no doubt that one can say American Culture is everyone's culture. No matter where you travel in the world, even the Middle East, there is a sign of American Culture. Whether it be something as simple as a McDonalds being present or the style of clothing being worn this country has been able to transcend borders since the beginning. When you are an American you do not typically think about this. Even in traveling so much I’ve never truly seen it as something so universal. Therefore we tend to not even recognize and consider the many advantages this brings forth. In the marketing and supply world exporters are able to benefit most. They are able to increase their economic scale by means of serial production. World wide deregulation led to a 10 percent increase in all exports that contributed to Hollywood's revenue. America having such a strong impact globally on culture has allowed foreign markets to depend on the US just as much as we depend on them. With industrial advantages being extremely abundant in movies, television, and music. If culture haven't transcended borders producing a demand for more products we would have mastered the mass production and assembly line process much later.

Though there are great benefits to having culture transcend border boundaries there are some disadvantages present to both Americans and other societies. Other societies are constantly fed these ideas and dreams. They are not shown some of the harsh realities of what occurs in American culture. They understand it as appealing due to the many places that have contributed to what is considered American. But, this can prove to be very problematic in poorer nations because you see people going to extreme lengths even criminal ones to achieve some of the things they see in the media. You also have other global industries copying the American formula that has been proven to generate revenue. But, this is what leads to struggling nationalist industries failing around the world such as French Cinema. For Americans, it is also a disadvantage, though Hollywood is positioned here it often uses funds and talent from foreign nations to produce many of its hit films. American films are also based on myths and religions but then watered down and prettified. Leaving many children with the wrong ideas about the true meaning and origin of some things, such as Disney movies.

2- American’s popular culture consists of the preferences, customs, traditions, and behaviors that the American people have in common and brings them together in having the same cultural identity. The English language is the most popular language in the world, and the most international. English is spoken and read as a second language more commonly than any other. The English language is taught and learned because it is told that. The English language is in demand because it is the language of business. Hollywood’s popular culture is a huge advantage for American society because it drives so much revenue with the television and film industry, entertainment is one of America's top exports. When it comes to globalization, America has a big impact on cultural influences on other countries. The American culture is now a strong force in many other countries around the world because of the large growth of music, television, films and the Internet. Also, the efficiency of how American businesses are run has a positive effect on many other countries. American popular culture brings urban and young people into a common cultural place where they may share the same dreams of freedom, wealth, comfort, innocence, and power. Because of American imperialism, some of Americas most common images and sounds were able to be known everywhere across the world. The influence of American culture and business has affected other countries in many different areas, such as food, business practices, popular culture, technology, and political techniques.

Other countries fear the global spread and dominance of American’s popular culture. A major disadvantage of Americans popular culture is that it is not as “American” as it is made out to be. Hollywood, which is America's huge advantage, is located in America but uses capital, hires personnel, and portrays sites from multiple different countries. Disney uses mythical stories from countries such as France, Italy, Germany, and Britain for example. Disney takes material from other countries and puts their own spin on it, so it is reproduced to feel like Disney. Hollywood attracts many different people from all over the world for acting careers and such, but American style pop changes them. There are so many American popular culture images that are well known but also, American films. They bring in a large amount of revenue to European box offices. Also, American companies like McDonald's is extremely popular in other countries. The classic arches are just as well known in foreign countries as it is here in America. To many, this would be considered a good thing but to others, it is a disadvantage. There are many that fear the global dominance of American pop culture will make local cultures too Americanized, taking away from their own cultural beliefs

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