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For your initial post, choose two figures, one from the Archaic period and one from the Classical period.  These may come from your text or be found online (you may not use the three images in this discussion). Consider picking two males or two females for comparison.  Fully introduce each work with artist (if known), title, date, material, and present location.  You may want to copy and paste the images directly into your post so that your examples are easily seen by your classmates.  Compare each work for style attributes.

As you closely examine your pair, consider the following questions: Does the Archaic figure borrow from ancient Egyptian sculpture?  Why or why not? How does the Greek figure differ from Egyptian style? Does the Classical figure show an advance in naturalism? Why or why not? What did the artist do to make it more life-like?  Describe details. What was considered the ideal look for figures?  Does idealism show in your examples? Why or why not?


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