marketing report (A REPORT OF 3000 WORDS PACKAGing IN FRANCE)

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business report on Packaging in France for 3000 words

Packaging in France

3000 words and additional 10 % allowed


The task is composed of three stages:

Stage 1: Situational Analysis

You are required to carry out analysis of your given industry using the following frameworks;

• Porter’s five forces

Stage 2: Identification of key issues

Having completed the stage one, you are now required to identify the key issues.

Stage 3: Recommendation
Having completed the stage two, you are now required to develop a recommended plan for the key issues identified.
You may also incorporate graphs, tables, diagrams.
You MUST include a Reference List. This should be on a separate slide at the end of the presentation.Remember that Executive Summary, table of contents, graphs, charts, references and appendixes are excluded from the word count.
Report Format
You should submit your Report as pdf document. Font 12 Arial or Times New Roman, 1.15 or 1.5 spacing.

Report Structure
Your report should be structured as below:
Ø Cover
Ø Executive Summary

Ø Table of Contents

Ø Introduction

Ø Body
Ø Conclusion
Ø Recommendations

Ø References

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