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This is the 2nd milestone of the semester. I have attached milestone one. Here is the guidelines for 2:

HSE 215 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric
Program Evaluation: Analysis Draft
When preparing this milestone, you will analyze the selected community or school-based program. Be consistent by focusing on your target age group, the
community or school-based program you selected, and the developmental needs of the target age group. What risk and resiliency factors are you going to focus
on regarding your targeted age group, and why? What interventions have been developed for the age group, and are they effective? How well do the
interventions address personal and social functioning, and how could they be improved? Keep in mind that some programs will focus on all domains of
development, but for this draft, you should focus on personal and social (socioemotional) functioning of the target age group. Also, keep in mind that some
programs incorporate evidence in their practices, while others may not. It is important that you consider the accumulation of evidence, as perhaps only one
study has supported an intervention to enhance personal and social functioning for the age group you are targeting. If so, is that enough evidence? Typically,
several studies are conducted to provide better evidence and to be considered research-based. One research study points to suggestions, but this is not usually
the final word for solid evidence-based practice. Try to find and examine at least three research studies for one intervention in this milestone.

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