The papers in this course give you the opportunity to integrate the material in the textbook readings, lectures, and primary sources that you have encountered in each unit. Please take this opportunity to show that you have understood the material. When you use this materials, you don’t need to formally cite them, just put the source in parentheses with page numbers where appropriate.

Your paper should consist of two parts:

Part One (250 words)- Drawing on the textbook readings and the links provided on your role sheet, create a biography for yourself describing your life in Galtonia. You should reference at least three events elsewhere in Europe from the textbook and/or lectures to provide some historical context. The more detail you provide the better.

Part Two (250 words)- As a representative to the Constituent Assembly of Galtonia you have been elected to decide the fate of the Galtonian monarchy. Should it remain absolute, be limited by a constitution, or be abolished altogether? In this section of your paper you should write an argument to be delivered to the Assembly. The argument should lay out your reasons for why you take the political position you do. You should why your chosen political persuasion is more advantageous for Galtonia. In this section of your paper you should draw on the primary documents we have read to support your position by including at least two direct quotes and placing them within quotation sandwiches.

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