Need an research paper on applied project capstone: project. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on applied project capstone: project. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Control Measures and Policies to Improve Security & Emergency Management Control Measures and Policies to Improve Security& Emergency Management


Getting homeland security and meeting various emergencies whenever they arise has become a challenge, not only in US, but also across the world.

The existing protectionism measures and policies have not been effective, as it revealed that there are increased cases or terrorism across the globe.

Most challenges are rooted in complacency, over centralization and entrenched politics. poor leadership.

The study uses focus group of 12 members and 5 selected security and 5 emergency incidences to evaluate and recommend control measures and policies that can be adopted to improve homeland security.


A series of terrorist attacks have been witnessed in America and across the globe, especially associated with the Al-Qaeda group.

Consequently, this initiated the implementation of the Home Security Act of 2002, to help fighting security issues. US has invested in Homeland security in response to various attacks in the domestic territory and other countries.

These efforts are implemented to foresee homeland security, prevent illegal border crossing and unlawful crossing (Miller, 2009).

However, these efforts have been inconsistent as they are biased in border security and immigration policies with little leadership, administration in addressing the growing challenges in transnational crimes.

Meanwhile catastrophic disasters among other natural calamities and accidents have tremendously increased, as a result, of poor governance, poor trafficking and ineffective calamity control measures with little or no attention (Haddow, Bullock & Coppola, 2008).

Thesis Statement

With the current status of homeland security and emergency management, there are still high cases of terrorism attacks reported and witnessed in different countries, therefore, there is a need to implement effective, innovative and well-motivated leadership to help create sufficient policies that enhance emergency management as well as, homeland security.

Purpose of Study

The study digs at establishing various techniques that help creating innovative, effective and well-motivated leadership that aims at implementing effective and sufficient policies to ensure security, effective and reliable emergency management


The study findings on both homeland security and emergency management policies that the study recommends giving insights to the citizens on the security platform that the existing leadership body has accorded them.

Recommended policies will be helpful in integrating modern technology to minimize terrorism in domestic lands, as well as, in global platform.

Policies adopted may be adopted to improve emergency management, combating natural calamities and improving national security. Leadership motivational strategies may be useful to developing countries to enhance their security and emergency management.

Strategic Objectives

To develop security control measures those are flexible with different security and emergency situations.

To establish leadership styles and strategies that can be adopted to improve global security.

To develop motivational leadership tools that help create effective security policies.

Literature Review

The study will focus on existing sources regarding homeland security and emergency management that gives insights to the necessity for change. Sources that highlight on various terror attacks will be considered to give insights and information on the various motives as to why terrorists conduct their malicious acts.

Other articles regarding border security and calamity management will be considered to develop on more effective policies that can be adopted by leadership improve national security.

Literature material from countries which are affected by tsunami, Tornado among other natural disasters will be considered to evaluate their control measures and develop more effective ones.

Methodology & Research Design

The study uses purposive non-probabilistic sampling to select 5 security and 5 emergency incidences to evaluate their remedy solutions and policies adopted.

The complied information will be then subjected to a focus group of 12 individuals for evaluation and recommendation.

The group leader (researcher) will record all responses, best policies and strategies suggested are compiled for the report.


Homeland security and Emergency management have had little attention with some countries no attention.

Leadership, governance, politics and state security administration have been the root causes of malicious security attacks.

The action plan adopted is effective to complete my research capstone that aims at introducing effective and innovative leadership policies in foreseeing secure community.


Miller, D. A. (2009). Homeland security. Detroit: Greenhaven Press.

Haddow, G. D., Bullock, J. A., & Coppola, D. P. (2008). Introduction to emergency management. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann.

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