Need an research paper on cultural diversity in an organisation. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on cultural diversity in an organisation. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. The result of socio-economic growth would be inadequate in terms of classifying people by their background, qualification and physical condition. This is not a right or a wrong subject, however, serious consideration is essential for internal strength and positive acceptance from all the parties concerned. A further detailed explanation will be shown using a case study of Park Plaza hotel.

Diversity in the workplace is a people issue whereby the various differences that they have as well as similarities are taken into account. In this paper, cultural diversity shall be looked into in relation to a service industry and in this case, the hotel industry. Cultural diversity in an organization that wishes to emerge the top in its operations is taken to be multi-culturalism which is that aims at embracing and valuing the different cultures. Diversity has become a business necessity and not a legal or moral issue as the case was decades back. In this respect, it has become a necessity that organizations take advantage of the diverse cultural backgrounds of its workforce in competing in today’s rather global business arena. The hospitality industry has not been left behind in this aspect of managing cultural diversity in the workplace. (Devine 2006. Baum 2006)

However, at the workplace, women, older and less educated people are the ones that are most discriminated against. The same case applies to those coming from developing countries by those from the first world. The disabled are the other group that is discriminated against to the extent of their disabilities. an act that is not only wrong but inhumane (Deluca 1992). Therefore, organizations’ managements need to put these issues into consideration and come up with policies that are aimed at minimizing these forms of discrimination at the very least so as to cater for the needs of&nbsp.the minority groups in the workplace as they are the ones most vulnerable.

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