Need an research paper on dialog between arjuna, krishna and buddha at the battle field. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on dialog between arjuna, krishna and buddha at the battle field. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The dialog would center on control over the mind, violence, duty and welfare of the people. The paper would also be written in the first person, but some sections would be in the third person.

I remember only one and the first question that&nbsp.Paul&nbsp.set out for all of us to contextualize when we started studying the Bhagavad Gita that until now I have feelings that are paints in a significant and simple light. In the first place, what made mere quest Krishna take me out to the battlefield having knowledge at the beginning that I would find there? I feel that if you contemplate and peel adequate layers from the question, it boiled down to the question&nbsp.Vedanta tried to answer. I questioned the value of war when it caused the death of those held dear. However, by killing my family, immorality reigns and long-held traditions die as well. I see my grandfathers, uncles, teachers, brothers, sons, maternal uncles, comrades, and grandsons. I can see my fathers-in-law. imagine dear ones and all those kinsmen standing in the ranks of the two armies. I am overcome with great sorrow and compassion. O Krishna, looking at my kinsmen at the front line with a desire to fight, my lips and mouth dry up as well as my limbs failing. Moreso, all my body quivers, and my hairs stand on end (Esposito, Fasching and Lewis 17).

The bow is slipping from my skin, and my hand is burning intensely. My head turns, I am not in a position to steadily stand and, O Krishna, I can foresee bad omens. I do not see any use in killing my kinsmen on the battlefield. My desire is not pleasure or even victory or kingdom, O Krishna. What is the significance of the kingdom, to enjoy, or even living, Krishna? Because all those we desire enjoyment, pleasures, and kingdom, are the forefront and they standing here for the fight, giving up their wealth and lives? (Esposito, Fasching, and Lewis 29).

Arjuna can you listen, how&nbsp.can a person who understands that the Atma is eternal, cannot destruct, unborn, imperishable and eternal would destroy or take away the life of anyone. Just as a person wears garments, that are new after they discard the ones that are old, in a similar manner Atma acquire bodies that are new immediately after casts away the worn-out bodies.

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