Need an research paper on my own self-awareness. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on my own self-awareness. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. The JoHari Window has been designed in order for individuals to find out more about themselves and their ability to communicate and form relationships with other people (Luft & Ingham, 1955). This method has been used in various self-help groups and other organizations as a heuristic exercise (Hase et al., 1999). After constructing a JoHari Window and reading the peer reviews about myself, I have found out that other people consider me as confident in the same way that I feel that I am.

The opportunity to interact with fellow students in a classroom includes group activities and experiments where students have the opportunity to participate in the subject matter hands-on. My classmates and I were given such an opportunity and I was reviewed accordingly based on their experiences working with me, as well as their impressions of me (Kemp & Seagraves, 1995). However, based on the feedback of my peers, I have been described as a shopaholic, of which I am not aware of. This I have placed in the ‘Blind Spot’ quadrant. My peers are not aware though that I am a bit mysterious, and there are certain things that I do not share with others by choice because I simply like to keep some things to myself. This may be the reason why my peers have described me as a person who can be more confident and who should be more open to the ideas of other people as well as interacting with them. I have placed this characteristic in the ‘Facade’ quadrant.

Muboriz (see Appendix 2) has described me to have a calm and confident way of presenting myself in public. I have also been described to have good listening skills and a calm and reserved approach. According to Muboriz, I have also been described to be committed to accomplishing an assigned task since I came prepared beforehand, thus making me able to effectively collaborate with my peers, thus proving that my help can definitely be utilized for accomplishing teamwork. For the most part, I have been described as calm, but with the potential to express my views and ideas in a more detailed manner.

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