Need an research paper on rhetorical analysis. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on rhetorical analysis. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Out of all known arts, scientists do not use the music genre because music is termed as an abstract phenomenon that is aurally perceived. In order to analyze the discursive practices of musicians, this essay focuses on the metacritical statements of musicians about music writing instead of composing textbooks that can be produced in the same field.

The use of metacritical data, identification, and correlation of unique discursive practices done in music genres are carried out to the evidence of the music study. The field of using music instead of textbooks involves a number of written genres (Holt 34). However, criticism of music has a very long history of influences and field-specific debates. Musicians make use of the application of the “criticism” label to journalistic recordings and concerts accounts, hermeneutic discussions of issues or compositions in the field, and theoretical analyses of the compositions. This theoretical analysis focuses on various statements that explain what music criticism should be or is.

These statements, which are mostly written by American and English musicians for more than two centuries, has many insights into perceptions of musicians of what it means to compose music criticism in various musical communities. To familiarize non-musicians with musical communities and music criticism, one part of this analysis gives a brief discussion of the history of writing in the music genre, gives an introduction of metacritical texts, and gives a summary of all essential issues that are found in using music (Lobanova and Kate 49). Another part of the essay analyzes the perceptions of the audience and discussion the intricate formulations about the community that is found in the music field.

For quite a number of centuries, writing in the music genre has remained to be a determining factor that shapes our literary landscape. In the entire history of art, authors and critics alike have highly been referring to music in the field of literature: especially poetry, which is usually termed intrinsically “musical”. This is based on the attention of the qualities of words of the sonic although there are historical and conceptual differences between these two forms of art. Studies point out that, both poetry and music originated from the same origin of incantation or chant.

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