Need an research paper on smart fabric. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on smart fabric. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The technology in these fabrics is such that it can react to sounds, actions and movement. These textiles have been applied in healthcare, communication, music and in recent research, it could be used in the military. Smart fabrics are a promise of revolution for the lifestyle, commerce and physical conditions of individuals (Nugent, 2006). While smart clothes offer a wide range of advantages if incorporated in the textile industry, it faces two major setbacks: unpredictability and unobtrusiveness.

After years of research, finally, a wearable clothing electronic system is coming up (Surhone,2010). This will provide a stable setting for commercial applications. Currently, the available solutions are mostly focused on the fitness sector and also heartbeat rate supervision through clothing electrodes. There is a research working on developing a fabric or belt that will help monitor a baby’s heart rate before they are born. This will fit more in a lifestyle aspect of smart fabric application than in a medical one since monitoring the heartbeat may not be a medical requirement. In turn, it could lead to a fabric or belt that helps monitor difficult pregnancies (Plunkett, 2008). Truth is, fabrics envelop every aspect of our lives be it security, fashion, trends, sports, or health and hence, it should be convenient and accessible at all times.

There is a touch-sensitive fabric that has been created (Lymberis, 2004). It has all qualities of ordinary fabrics, but the inclusion of touch sensors makes it more versatile, innovative and desirable. These effects transform the fabric from a simple product to a high-tech interaction device which can be applied in many sectors in life (Surhone,2010). D3O, a non-Newtonian fluid, has been incorporated in some smart fabrics over time. Smart fabrics with this fluid embedded in them help protect the individual wearing it during impacts such as collisions, car accidents and falls. This is&nbsp.because the fluid has properties that make it safe and reliable during impact. It moves slowly, but on shock, it locks itself together and absorbs shock to disband energy.

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