Need an research paper on the life of john evans. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on the life of john evans. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Evans studied Medicine in Philadelphia at Clermont Academy where he attained a degree in Doctor of Medicine (M.D) from the college called Cincinnati in 1838 (Boulder History Museum 7).

He later moved to a place called Attica, Indiana, where he used his skills and involved himself in issues concerning his profession. He helped in the foundation of the Indiana Central State Hospital in Indianapolis. He is known for the establishment of two consecutive Universities known as Northwestern University and the University of Denver respectively. John Evans played different roles in his lifetime, which include physician, railroad promoter, U.S politician, Colorado’s Governor, Evanston namesake, Illinois, and Mount Evans. During his reign as the second territorial governor, his work was recognized as it was far-reaching, important, and effective. His keen vision for the future, he recognized the possibilities of the state and worked towards achieving his goals. His plan was to put measures which he secured and worked towards achieving his objectives and enable appropriate development of the state (

John Evans married Miss Hannah Canby a daughter of a person by the name Joseph Canby in the year 1839. He later married again in 1853, a woman by the name Margaret P. Gray. Margaret was a daughter of the Hon. Samuel Gray who was from Bowdoinham, Maine and was the attorney of the city by then. Hannah Canby Evans and three of his sons were buried in a cemetery in Attica. He left for Chicago where he assisted in the development of Lakeside Hospital that was later renamed as Mercy hospital. He was responsible for bringing Sisters of Mercy to that Hospital. John Evans established his home in Attica, Indiana, where he won a wide and well-merited reputation as the leading physician and surgeon and a farsighted businessperson (Shearer 175).

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