Need help with my writing homework on Australias Marine Pollution. Write a 1000 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Australias Marine Pollution. Write a 1000 word paper answering; A lot of dangerous illnesses can spread because of waste that entry the ocean. The issue is worth-researching that is why the given paper will discuss marine pollution in Australia, mainly its causes, seriousness and the reaction of the Australian government.

There are many ways of marine pollution: pollution from ships, from land, as a result of deliberate discharge of the waste from manufacturing and unintentional entry of waste from people’s activity. More than 75% of all marine contamination is caused by waste that appears in the water from land. It influences environmental processes, people’s wellbeing and oceanic resources’ application. The most serious problem is that very often the pollution of water remains undiscovered for a long time (Letter: Coastal Pollution).

While oil and garbage represent well-detectable contaminants – they can be noticed swimming in the water, venomous and radioactive substances can’t be detected without special analysis. The problem is that marine environment could be damaged before the cause is found and eliminated. The water can be contaminated through intentional discharge as well as unintentionally through unplanned entry of materials into the water as a result of people’s activities (Henrickson 2001).

A lot of venomous substances cleave to small elements, which appear in water in different ways. These substances then become integrated into the&nbsp.oceanic system and imbibed into oceanic&nbsp.seaweeds and other organisms, some of which are consumed by animals and fish. This can cause different illnesses and even mutations. Venomous metals&nbsp.also appear in oceanic system. As different animals from land consume fish, venomous substances can be brought to land and then to humans through meet and other products.

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