Need help with my writing homework on Power Plant. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Power Plant. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The environmental and societal costs associated with the operations of these power plants are also known to creep up with a close of each and every fiscal year (Hamilton & Manne 1978). However, the power plants do not work towards the restoration of the green environment and nor do they participate in benefitting the society at large. They only focus on the generation of power and maximization of monetary returns.

These facilities follow an avoidance strategy towards managerial ethics and therefore, hold on to the point that their purpose is to do the business, and ethics and societal benefit is none of their concern (Logue, 1996). Additionally, governments feel reluctant towards the imposition of increased taxation on private power plants because, in this way, they risk escalating already increasing power prices. The major stakeholder in the business of power generation is the local government and due to this reason, the government offices have to make a tradeoff between low energy prices and growing environmental concerns (Holtz, 2008). The economic mindset of the government forces it to choose lower energy prices over environmental concerns every time.

The problem of global warming and increasing international temperatures has received a great level of attention lately and supporters of green living are of the view that alternative energy projects can save the planet. But, the industrialists think otherwise because switching the whole world economy from oil to alternative energy sources is a big deal and it requires major investments (Whitmarsh & O’Neill, 2010). Alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy are predicted to produce less amount of energy than traditional methods. The world economic system is not&nbsp.ready to use alternative energy sources because nobody trusts them right now. But, in a few years, major oil producers’ output levels are going to decrease notably and this futuristic possibility may lead to more price-related difficulties for electricity consumers. The oil-producing companies are consuming more oil than their production levels and therefore, the level of oil available for domestic consumption is reducing. The major purpose of writing this paper is to analyze and evaluate the economic, social, and environmental costs associated with the operations of the Huntly Power Plant.&nbsp.

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