Need help with my writing homework on Social Work in Theory and Practice. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Social Work in Theory and Practice. Write a 1250 word paper answering; They have to know how the law works and are fully up to speed with the social welfare system.”(Department of Health)

It is quite impossible for an individual social worker to be able to relate to every single person who comes into their practice. It is important however that they understand that their idea of what life is about is different than what other people may think. This is the basis of understanding a practice that is multi-faceted and includes a variety of different pieces.

Although there is a lot of literature on the subject of discrimination it doesn’t always help the social worker understand what they need to do in many situations. Some of the components that are needed include:

1. An understanding of other cultures – the greatest understanding is that one culture is not the same as another. People from within a culture can also differ in their attitudes and thoughts and ways of being human.

4. Treatment of all clients fairly regardless of race or ethnicity — a good practice treats all clients fairly. Human nature does not allow all people to be treated exactly the same so what social workers can expect is that it will be within the framework of fairness.

Social workers must work within this framework if they are to establish rapport with a client. If they do not approach a client in the help they will have a poor result for the client. Clients are in a state of upheaval when they are working closely to get their needs met and life becomes extremely stressful if they do not have someone who they can relate to in a positive way.

According to Ely and Denny (1987) discrimination goes along with what people experience who are disadvantaged. When an individual comes from poverty and lacks education and some of the opportunities that mainstream people have will automatically be placed in a position of discrimination. Because of this, it creates problems for both the social worker and the individual.

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