Need help with my writing homework on The Formation of Petroleum. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on The Formation of Petroleum. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Petroleum-powered nearly all conveyances, further it is used to generate electricity, and in the making of paints, soaps, plastics, inks, and medicines, etc. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, today’s world in incomplete without petroleum. However, petroleum cannot be used directly as a fuel or chemical producer because of its highly complex nature and presence of poisonous or corrosive impurities. Therefore, it is processed and refined to separate amalgams into simpler fractions that can be used as fuels, lubricants, or chemical producers. Tremendous growth and research are observed in the field of Petroleum due to its wide application, complex formation, structure, and refinement processing (“Petroleum”).

Petroleum is originated from the debris of animal and plant i.e. perpetuated organic material, that’s why it is also known as a fossil fuel. Seafloor (oceanic anoxic events), Oxygen-minimum zones, and anoxic filled basins are the areas where organic material can stockpile (“Petroleum Formation”).&nbsp.&nbsp.It is widely recognized because of low oxygen level organic material gets preserved i.e. prevents degradation. Kerogen (Tucker 262) a waxy substance is formed by the burial diagenesis of organic material. It believes high temperatures (50-80 oC)& enough for developing the sedimented rocks and initiate the production of alkanes and cycloalkanes.&nbsp.&nbsp.Subsequently, petroleum is formed by hydrocarbon pyrolysis on intense temperature and pressure. Oil window is the area, where the probability of petroleum production is highest, ordinally the temperature of the oil window is around 75-120, and is located at a depth of 2-3.5 Km. Once the petroleum is generated, it is shifted to reservoir rocks from where it is collected.&nbsp.

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