Nursing Mothers-The Challenges.

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Having a baby is often one of life’s greatest experiences. People say that being a

mother comes naturally, but often women struggle with what would seem to be a natural


Birth takes a toll on a woman’s body and mind and our culture often limits the time the

new mother has to bond and recuperate. Stress can interfere with the nursing process.

Financial pressure to return to work adds to the stress.

Not all women are told about lactation consultants, who are specialists in the nursing

experience. They can be a valuable source of information and support for the nursing process.

It takes time to learn for both mama and baby, and when the mother must return to work

after a short time, this can interrupt the process, leading women to worry about their milk

supply, which in turn can cause a reduce supply.

When our own mothers did not successfully breastfeed, there is a perception that we will also have problems and the support of having someone who has been successful is very important for a new mother.

Taking time to relax during each feeding is important. Drinking lots of water is also important. A relatively small increase in calories is required but eating well is critical.

Hearing more about the experience of breastfeeding can be helpful. If you are comfortable sharing your stories, this can open up a discussion about the topic of breastfeeding.

1) Have you or anyone close to you been a breastfeeding mother?

2) What challenges did you or the person you know have with breastfeeding?

3) How long you choose to breastfeed is a personal choice for both mother and child. Did people comment on the age of your child who was still nursing? The World Health Organization suggests continuing to breastfeed up to two years of age.

4) Share any tips you may have for supporting a nursing mother as she begins the nursing experience.

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