PCN-518 Topic 8: Bereavement Across the Lifespan, Psychology homework help

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PCN518 Topic 8: Bereavement Across the Lifespan

Directions: One’s understanding of death and the bereavement process changes over the life span. Using the matrix provided below, summarize how the various stages of life understand death, and how each might grieve the loss of a loved one. Create a short vignette for each age group that expresses your understanding of the age group’s response to death and bereavement. Finally, hypothesize how a professional counselor might counsel each age group through the bereavement process. The first stage has been completed for you as an example.

Age Group and Perception of Grief

Response to Grief


(short example/story of a child’s loss scenario)

Counseling Interventions

Baby and Toddler

Excessive crying, yearning for being held

A baby’s birth mother died during delivery.

Counsel the guardians of the baby to be sure to tend to the baby’s need for touch and comfort.

Preschool age

Grade school Age

Adolescence /Teenage years


Late Adulthood

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