Persuasive Letter

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The purpose of a persuasive letter is to practice professional writing skills and promote an idea, issue, or change which the reader may know little about or be hesitant to accept.

Select an issue and a specific action/change or which you would like to advocate and select an appropriate recipient for your letter.

Develop three (3) evidence based reasons to take this action and identify potential objections to the action. You will then generate counter arguments to these objections. Develop strong introductory and concluding paragraphs, ending with a respectful thank you. Remember, the purpose of the letter is to be persuasive These reasons should be convincing, based upon credible evidence, and use and correctly cite reputable sources to make your case and support your logic.

Select the Appropriate Recipient Remember to select the appropriate choice for your issue or topic. This is the person with the actual authority to make the change you are suggesting. Examples:

Senators or Representatives in Congress

Cabinet members

State legislators

Governor of Arizona (or your home state)

Mayors or City Council members

CEOs of Corporations

Business Human Resources Management/Directors of Worksite Wellness

School Superintendents or Principles

Director of AZ Department of Health Services (or equivalent in your state)

Directors of other State Agencies (see

Parks and Recreation directors


Your letter should be formatted as a formal business letter.

I.Introduction: Use Introductory paragraph to clearly state your position. Include info about who you are and why you are

writing (why this matters to you). Include a clear call to action (what do you want this person to do?) and end by briefly listing the 3 reasons you will discuss in the rest of the letter.

The first paragraph must get the readers attention, tell the reader right away who you are and what specific action you want this person to take, and the three (3) reasons you are offering to support the change/action you are advocating


Paragraph #2: Give 1st reason you think this action should be taken. Provide facts, reasons, examples to make your case.

III.Paragraph #3: Give 2nd reason you think this action should be taken.Provide facts, reasons, examples to make your case.

IV. Paragraph #4: Give 3rd reason you think this action should be taken.Provide facts, reasons, examples to make your case.

V.Paragraph # 5: Address readers potential objectives and provide counter arguments or solutions. Should be focused on the potential objections that your recipient may have for why this should not be implemented, why it will not work, why it is not cost effective, etc

VI. Conclusion: Restate your position and call to action. The last paragraph should summarize and reemphasize the importance of the action you are advocating Conclude professionally (thank you for your time and consideration, etc)

Citations APA/AMA citations are required forthis assignment

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