Philosophy Question

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Students are to write a final paper on two assigned texts of their choosing. The paper should com-
pare and contrast the manner in which each text articulates the relationship between other-oriented
understanding and self-understanding. Recommended questions to address in different parts of the
paper include: How does each text conceive of other-oriented understanding? How does each text
conceive of self-understanding? How does each text conceive of the relationship between other-
oriented understanding and self-understanding? How do the conceptions of this relationship in the
two texts differ from one another? How do these two conceptions resemble one another?

The instructor will use the following four content-based criteria in order to evaluate the final paper:

• Whether the paper’s thesis is clearly expressed.
• Whether the paper’s structure is explicitly articulated.
• Whether the paper faithfully analyzes each text.
• Whether the paper comprehensively synthesizes the two texts.

The instructor will also use the following four form-based criteria in order to evaluate the final

• Whether the paper is written in a readily understandable manner.
• Whether the paper incorporates quotations from the assigned texts in a fluent and
sophisticated manner.
• Whether the paper consistently uses proper spelling and punctuation.
• Whether the paper consistently adheres to proper citational and bibliographic

The final paper should take up between six and eight double-spaced pages. Students should write
in Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins.

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