Please use the link here to submit the final draft of your research paper. Make sure you have read the writing rules and the paper guidelines before submitting this, as formatting errors can cost you

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Please use the link here to submit the final draft of your research paper.  Make sure you have read the writing rules and the paper guidelines before submitting this, as formatting errors can cost you a lot of points.  Any paper that is not four full pages, or that is much over four pages, will lose points for that.  You have had all semester to work on this, and I expect you to meet all of the requirements for the assignment.

Your complete TERM PAPER is due WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2. It must be four pages long. So far this semester you found a topic and sources, created an outline that organized and structured your topic, and had the option of submitting a rough draft to me for comments. This Term Paper is where you put that all together!


1.  You have a good outline of what you plan to use for your paper and an excellent project. This assignment, however, was for you to submit a rough draft of a fully written paper. I am unable to provide specific critiques of paragraphs, grammar, or footnotes. Make sure to use your detailed outline to craft your term paper. If you have questions, please consult the “how to write in history” module or email me.

2. You have some great detail on what you plan to write, but this is more of a detailed outline. A first rough draft of your paper should put into action what you mention you will do in each part. A rough draft is your first fully written draft of your paper. After you write a full rough draft, you can then proofread and edit it to make sure your paper is as refined as possible before you turn it in. I hope this helps.


Rubric Term Paper Term Paper Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Citations Are sources cited? Are sources cited appropriately?

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Mechanics Are word choice, spelling, grammar, and punctuation acceptable?

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Thesis Does the paper have a clear thesis statement and argument?

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Content Is the content correct, specific, and relevant to the thesis?

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Sources Are your sources scholarly? Do you have a book included? Do you have both primary and secondary sources? 10.0 pts Full Marks

Please use the link here to submit the final draft of your research paper. Make sure you have read the writing rules and the paper guidelines before submitting this, as formatting errors can cost you
Running Head: AFRICAN AMERICANS CONTRIBUTION 1 AFRICAN AMERICANS’ ROLE ON THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION OUTLINE November 10, 2020 AFRICAN AMERICANS’ ROLE ON THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION OUTLINE Thesis Statement: African Americans’ role during the revolution highly determined the outcome of the revolution. INTRODUCTION: Giving a general view of the topic which includes the main groups of people who were involved during this period. I will also explain the main role of African Americans during this period of time. BODY: Topic 1: The reason why the revolution occurred. I will begin by explaining why Americans felt that they needed a revolution. I will use the following sources so that to give more information. One of the main reasons that will be explored is industrialization in the country and how the British influenced them negatively. An example it the increase of the taxation rates which reduced the income that was made by the industry owners. Primary source: Commission signed by John Hancock retrieved from library of congress. ( This document was written in the year 1775. By the leader of revolutionary war in Virginia’ frontier forces. This document contained very crucial information which pointed out that the independent had been declared on July 4th. Secondary source: Article: United States history: American Revolution. (Retrieved From: The article was written by Wallace in the year 2020. It points out some of the factors that contributed to the need for evolution. According to the document, the sea power was vital in determining the direction of war. The French used the Sea to send small numbers of fighters who combined with the African Americans to fight the British. Its details will be vital for the project. Topic 2: How the African Americans were involved in the revolution. At this point, I will evaluate the reasons why the African Americans took part in the war despite of the fact that they were enslaved by both Americans and the British. One of the main example of the necessity was that a large number of fighters were needed for the war. Primary source: Documenting runaway slaves. (Retrieved from: This is a letter that was written by a slave owner giving a reward to anyone who will have details on the slaves. This was the period when some of the African Americans started escaping from their masters so that to join the British army after being promised freedom. Others joined the American side as they felt that is was at a better position to win the fight. Its details will be important for my thesis as it captures actual details that happened during that period of time. Secondary source: Slavery, the American and the Constitution (Retrieved from: This journal explains how the slaves were involved in the war. An example, some were given the responsibilities of driving the carts, others cooked for the fighters while others were used as spies so that to assess the steps taken by the British side. Some of the regions where the African Americans were involved in the war include Bunker Hill and Lexington. However, the congress decided not involve the slaves in the war in the year 1775. It will be important for the thesis as it provides detailed information on the activities that were allocated to the African Americans during the war. Topic 3: Achievements of African Americans from the revolution Both sides had given freedom promises to the African Americans. This session will highlight whether they benefited from their role during the revolution. Secondary Source: The Impact of the Revolution on Slavery (Retrieved from: This document explains several events that followed the revolution. Several slaves who took part in the war were set free. Some of the regions here the slaves benefited were South Carolina and Georgia. However, the royal governor of Virginia threated to take away the rights of the slaves. It has also explained the changes in slavery that followed the revolution which is key to my thesis. CONCLUSION: This session will be used to give an overview of all the achievements of the revolution because of the activities carried by African Americans. The listed regions shows direct contributions of the African Americans in the war. However, this did not mean that the revolution meant the end of slavery as some still remained as slaves as others attained their freedom. It will highlight the benefits for both Americans and the British.
Please use the link here to submit the final draft of your research paper. Make sure you have read the writing rules and the paper guidelines before submitting this, as formatting errors can cost you
Your Name Class Assignment Title Your paper should begin with an introductory paragraph that explains what you are going to be writing about and why it is important. A paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence. A good paragraph will be 4-6 sentences to explain everything in it fully. You will then need body paragraphs to answer the question. Each one should be 4-6 sentences and should describe one part of your answer. A good essay will have at least 2-3 body paragraphs to answer the question fully. Anytime you use information that you got from another source you need a citation. This citation can take one of two forms. The first is an in-text citation, an example of which is at the end of this sentence. (Textbook 10). An in-text citation will have the author’s last name and the page number the information was found on. You can also use a footnote, and example of which is at the end of this sentence.1 You will also need a works cited page or bibliography page at the end of the document that lists all of the sources used in your work. Your paper will then need to have a conclusion. This paragraph should restate your argument while outline your important points. While it does not have to be a long paragraph, it still needs to review your ideas well. Your paper should be double-spaced, Times News Roman, 12 point font, as this document is. 1 A footnote will be in the following format: Author Last Name, First Name, Title of Book (Publisher: City, Date of Publication), page number.
Please use the link here to submit the final draft of your research paper. Make sure you have read the writing rules and the paper guidelines before submitting this, as formatting errors can cost you
Semester-Long Term Paper Assignment US History Since 1877 Paper Assignment Overview – You will be required to find a topic from the time period that this class covers, and write a 4-page paper on it, based on the book and sources used in the class and some outside research, including primary source material.  (To understand the difference between primary and secondary sources, please review the “What Are Primary and Secondary Sources?” page.) The paper will use at least 4 different sources, with at least 2 primary sources. You cannot use websites as your only sources; you must go to the library and the library database and read actual books and journal articles. Your primary sources may (and likely will) be from the Internet, as most of the newspapers and other documents that you can use are primarily available online. Your paper should explain why the topic you choose is important, and draw some sort of conclusion from the information you have presented. Steps to take to write your paper- Choose a topic: The module topics are broad on purpose, so that you can find some part that you are interested in studying, be creative and do something that you are interested in.  Don’t choose an excessively broad topic: for example, don’t try to write your paper about World War II.  Not only will you not be able to adequately cover the material, but it will not be as interested, either for you or me.  Instead, narrow it down.  If you want to write about World War II, choose a smaller topic: women in factories, cooking on the ration, changes in technology, the Manhattan Project, comic books during the war, paratroopers, gliders, Pearl Harbor. . . There are many fascinating topics to choose from.  Choose a broad topic, and find something within that project that catches your interest. Research: Begin by going to the library to find information about your topic. Create a bibliography with a brief description of each source. For information on how to create a proper bibliography see Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. You will be expected to use the correct format or you will lose points! You will be given an assignment early in the semester to help you begin your work (the Topic and Sources Assignment). Outline: Create an outline that shows how you plan to approach your topic and how you will write your paper. You will be given an assignment to create this outline (Outline Assignment) and will receive feedback on how your paper is shaping up. Write: This step should be obvious, write your paper. A few tips. Please use the correct footnote or endnote format, and you must use footnotes or endnotes.  Use Chicago/Turabian style! Use 12-point Times News Roman font for your body text, and 8-point Times News Roman for your footnotes. Once you have written your paper, read it over and revise it.  The first time that your paper is read in full should not be when I grade it. Please do not waste space on a title page; just put your name and the title of the paper at the top of the first page, and start writing. Primary Source suggestions – Your textbook has a section on primary sources that you should read and take advantage of as a start to your research.  Books and articles by historians will also have handy Works Cited pages at the end, often separated into primary and secondary sources.  Finally, the internet is a wonderful resource for primary sources, as many are being scanned for preservation and ease of access, so that they are not lost due to handling and age.   A note on plagiarism – Plagiarism is a form of cheating, and is defined as, “the use of another person’s ideas, words, data, arguments or sentence structure in any academic assignments as the student’s own without proper documentation or citation.” Any plagiarism will result in a grade of 0 on the paper.  For more details about what plagiarism looks like and how to avoid it, review the “Academic Integrity & Scholastic Dishonesty” statement in the syllabus and the “Avoiding Plagiarism” PowerPoint, consult the Online Writing Lab (OWL) (Links to an external site.)

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