Please write a brief report on the following. – Assuming that it is now the end of 2001, please…

Please write a brief report on the following. – Assuming that it is now the end of 2001, please calculate the internal rate of return on the investment in the dry dock, using the data mentioned in the Progres case (see Table 1). Give a detailed example of the calculation of Progres’s safety margin, i.e. calculate the decrease in annual net cash inflow which does not result in an internal return which is lower than Progres’s cost of capital. Comment briefly on the results of your calculations and on Progres’s preferred method of evaluating the project, i.e. evaluation based on data about net cash inflows. – Please describe briefly and in general terms what the balanced scorecard is and what its developers, Kaplan and Norton, see as its aims. – Using the available data – and any reasonable assumptions –, please give an example of a concrete balanced scorecard (BSC) for Progres. Develop this BSC without necessarily including any figures in your BSC. Put forward arguments for the goals and indicators included in your BSC and describe the relationships you expect to exist between the goals and indicators in the four perspectives of the BSC. Give a clear explanation of the contents of your BSC. – Please discuss to what extent the way in which Progres is being run is conducive to the implementation of a balanced scorecard. Discuss how the implementation and use of the balanced scorecard by Progres relates to the use of two levers of control described by Simons, namely diagnostic control and interactive control.

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