project 1 survey of an algorithm

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Topics Choose one of the following algorithms areas to write about. Potential algorithm topics related to the algorithm area are included in parenthesis as examples. 1. Hashing Algorithms (e.g. SHA-3; Message Digest-5; Cryptography algorithms such as Advanced Encryption Standard, Blowfish, Elliptic curve cryptography; Digital signature algorithms; Bitcoin Mining) 2. Compression Algorithms (e.g. LZO, Data differencing, Huffman Coding) 3. String Matching (e.g Google’s PageRank algorithm, DNA sequence algorithms, Spell checking algorithms) 4. Memory Management (e.g. Garbage Collection, Buddy Methods, Paging algorithms, Sequential-Fit Methods) 5. Other algorithms areas. If you would like to survey an algorithm in an area other than one of those listed above, you must contact me for approval prior to proceeding and submitting your paper. Unapproved off topic papers will result in a 25% reduction in your overall score for this assignment.

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