Promotion Case

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The format of this assignment is similar to that of the previous case assignment, as you will again be giving recommendations based on a series of situations that a company might face. Of course, make sure to thoroughly review the background materials and make sure you have a strong familiarity with the five main promotional strategies and advantages, disadvantages, and challenges of each. You should also familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of different types of media.

For each of the following situations below, give a recommendation for A) which one or two of the five main promotional strategies should the company emphasize, and B) one or two types of media should the company emphasize in their promotions, and C) at least one reference from the background materials in support of your recommendations. Your paper should be four to five pages in length, and should include at least three references in total from the required readings.

  1. A company has developed some advanced new animation software for use in making professional quality animated television shows and movies. This company’s customers will be small in number overall – the major movie and television studios, a few independent studios, and some of the larger animation schools.
  2. A new toy has come out shortly before Christmas which is based on a popular TV show for kids. The producer of the toy is hoping for big sales during the holiday season, as Christmas is when they make most of their profits for the year. But due to licensing issues they had faced delays in releasing the product and only have a short time before Christmas to get the word out about their new toy.
  3. A major food manufacturer is planning to come out with a brand new fiber drink designed to promote colon and intestinal health. The target market is senior citizens.
  4. You are running a small airline that connects a few regional cities. Your sales are generally high which indicates that there is a strong market for flights that connect these cities. However, your research department has found that you have a low rate of repeat customers compared to similar airlines.

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