QUIZ #1 BCOM 10th Edition by Carol M. Lehman (Author), Debbie D. DuFrene (Author), Robyn Walker (Author) ISBN-13: 978-0357026588 ISBN-10: 0357026586 NOTE: The “Grammar & Usage Appendix” at the bac

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BCOM 10th Edition by Carol M. Lehman (Author), Debbie D. DuFrene (Author), Robyn Walker (Author)

ISBN-13: 978-0357026588

ISBN-10: 0357026586

NOTE: The “Grammar & Usage Appendix” at the back of your textbook may be helpful!

There, it, and here are expletives (filler words that have no real meaning in a sentence) and should rarely be used to start a sentence, especially in professional messages (or school papers, for that matter). Rewrite the sentences below to be stronger without the expletives. (5 points each)


1. It is necessary for us to withdraw from the competition.

2. There are two reasons why we can’t attend the meeting.

3. There has been much advancement in technology in recent years.

4. There are many causes of school violence.

5. Here is the list of addresses you asked me to compile.

6. There are ten people serving on the zoning committee.

7. It is clear our main problem is the lack of common sense in decision making.

8. It is highly likely that there will be rain tonight.

9. There is no way I could have known it was their suitcase.

10. There is always another opportunity to apply for the job.













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