QUIZ1. High levels of trust between disputants makes:a. Negotiation more efficientb. Disputants less

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QUIZ1. High levels of trust between disputants makes:a. Negotiation more efficientb. Disputants less responsivec. Decrease disputant’s willingness to try to find additional ways to trust each otherd. A competitive conflict cycle more likely2. Which type of trust is founded on control?a. Calculus-based trustb. Knowledge-based trustc. Identification-based trustd. Productive based trust3. There is a contest among all employees of organization about valuable suggestions forimproving policies for employees. What type of conflict it may be?a. Constructiveb. Destructivec. Competitive but constructived. Cooperative but destructive4. All of the following are advantages of understanding the other disputant’s interestsexcept:a. It helps user visualize and recognize alternate ways to meet goalsb. It creates greater inflexibility in coming to settlementc. It ensures user doesn’t miss an optimal resolutiond. It enables user to evaluate whether some interests could be met outside the conflict5. Focusing only on resource aspects of a conflict leads toa. Zero-sum thinkingb. A competitive approach to resolutionc. A cooperative approach to resolutiond. Zero-sum thinking and a competitive approach to resolution6. Where the disputants aren’t fighting about what’s really bothering them, the conflict is:a. Misplacedb. Misattributedc. Misalignedd. Displaced7. The meaning of language or behavior may be misunderstood, causing a _____ conflict.a. Preferences and nuisancesb. Data-typec. Resourced. Communication8. In the final step, Step Seven, disputants put the option into practice, which in turncreates a new:a. Stimulusb. Actionc. Optiond. None of the above is correct9. The conflict gamer reacts to conflict by:a. Avoiding itb. Feeling traumatized by itc. Not preparing for itd. Postponing negotiation10. The form of negotiation in which the negotiation is facilitated by a neutral third partyis:a. Mediationb. Agent or advocate-assisted negotiationc. Nonbinding evaluationd. Arbitration11. Agent is a party to a conflict who is powerful enough to significantly alter its courseTrueFalse12. Most transactions contain both compatible and incompatible goals and are known asmixed-motive situationsTrueFalse13. Lawyers are the only people who could not benefit from understanding conflictdiagnosisTrueFalse14. Creative thinking has always a positive effect on negotiationTrueFalse15. Mediation is a way of negotiation where there are agents involved of both partiesTrueFalse16. Misconceptions about conflicts cause increase our ability to respond to conflictseffectivelyTrueFalse17. Issues perspective is the most important perspective of conflict to be observed.TrueFalse18. Focusing on resources to diagnose a conflict may help in finding other sources ofconflictTrueFalse19. In a competitive conflict the disputants perceive as a win and loose situationTrueFalse20. The attitude that allows for risk taking behavior is known as trustTrueFalse


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