Race over Empire

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Using Race Over Empire, you will need to write an essay of at least 750 words answering the following questions using specific evidence from the book to support your answers fully.

1) How does Love define racism? How does he define “whiteness?” Does he believe that “whiteness” was a fixed category in the United States? How does he argue that racism shaped the history of the United States? 

2) When looking at each of the three case studies given in this book- Santo Domingo, Hawaii, and The Philippines- you will need to do the following:

A) Discuss US imperialism towards these nations. Why were they considered to be valuable? Why did some people want to annex them?

B) Discuss how the idea of racism- as defined by Love- played into the decision whether or not to annex each of these places. How does he believe that this impacted political leaders at the time as well as the general public as to whether we should or should not take these countries? Be sure to give specific examples to support your perspective.

C) Discuss what other factors- based on the readings- might have come into play when looking at the US decision about imperialism and these lands.

3) After reading the book, discuss whether or not you believe Love’s argument is valid about the role he sees relating imperialism and racism, and discuss why feel this way. What arguments did you most agree or disagree with? Explain why fully.


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