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I need this paper Done by 2/13/14 no Plagiarism, It will be turn in   turnitin reports to check for plagiarism. Failure to Fallow these Direction will result in a full refund. Please Fallow the didection Below:


Case Study: Latin America and the Catholic Church


Traditionally, conservatives in Latin America supported and had the support of the Catholic Church. When the regimes they led brought prosperity only to the wealthy and complaints from the poor were met with political oppression, many Catholic priests stood alongside Marxist revolutionaries in criticizing the existing conservative order. Many of these priests, and even nuns, were assassinated by government-supported death squads. The Catholic Church, which took a strong anti-communist stance in Europe, grew alarmed at the seeming alliance between priests and Marxists in Latin America, and dismissed the priests’ claims that they were only doing as Christ would do in championing the interests of the poor. The priests hoped to make their case personally when Pope John Paul II visited Latin America in 1983. This site offers an eyewitness account by reform-minded Catholics of the pope’s meetings in Nicaragua in that year.


Complete your Case Study in a Word document, approximately 300-400 words in length.


Questions for exploration: What did some reform-minded Catholics in Nicaragua hope that the pope might do during his visit to that country? What position did the pope eventually make clear to the Nicaraguan priests? Why were some Nicaraguan Catholics disappointed with the pope’s position on political action? What did they, correctly as it proved, fear might happen after the pope’s visit?









Case Study


For this assignment you’ll be writing about a specific topic that applies to our discussion for the week. To get the exact topic, you should check the assignment tab under the week in question! This is a more general guideline about what you should do and how you will be graded.


This assignment must be approximately 300-400 words in length. You can use the word count function under the review tab in Microsoft Word. As always you must cite any research you use. This is particularly true if you have any direct quotes of have copied and pasted anything into your assignment. It is okay to use copy/paste as long as you do so sparingly. If you copy a large percentage of your paper from other sources and you cite them, you will be graded down for lack or originality. If you copy ANY text from another source and DON’T cite it, you will be brought before the Academic Integrity Committee for a ruling and will most likely receive a zero for the assignment. If you have any questions about citation, you can always ask me! I’d much rather you asked me before, than had a problem after.


This assignment is worth 50 points and will be graded as follows:


You must be writing on the correct topic and have a good understanding of said topic. You’ll lose points for getting off topic or including information that has nothing to do with the topic you are writing on.


  You should cite at least one source even if it’s your text. You should be getting this information from somewhere after all!


As always with a college level paper, you must use proper spelling and grammar. You’ll also get credit for good style and flow in your paper!

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