reading and analysis one chapter – and write 5 discussion question from the tow chapters

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reading 2 chapters (8 AND 19)

PART A: answer the 6 questions form chapter 8

PART B: and then write 5 discussion questions in other (Word file) from chapter 19 and 8

here the link so you can find the book online

here is the instructions:

Part A- Analysis of 1 Article Scheduled (student to choose which one from Readings Identified):

1) The broader topic (or school of thought) within which the author is working. Not just Interior Design. 

2) The basic thesis of the article. 

3) Explanation of how the author supports their thesis.

4) 2 Examples or quotes from the reading that are impactful. 

5) Connections to outside examples you may recognize. 
More than 1.

6) Your personal perspective views of the article; be sure to be critical of the thesis or its support, not the topic or school of thought. This is not your “opinion.”

Part B-Questions (student to complete for each assigned reading of that week:

Student will lead a group discussion by circulating 5 prepared questions. Presenter will present questions then facilitate the discussion.

The nature of the questions is at the student’s discretion, and creative or poetic expressions are encouraged. BUT the following approach is suggested for question about the reading:

1) Focus on issues, not opinions.

Bad: What do you think about the author’s position on…..?

Good: Why do you think that the author took their position on …?

2) Guide the discussion for others

Bad: I felt that … what did you think?

Good: Consider this: …. How do you react on the issue of …?

3) Avoid Yes/No questions:

Bad: Do you agree with the author’s conclusion that …?

Good: In the authors conclusion can you describe her strongest argument?

For question that connect the content to other issues:

4) Focus on Issues not Topics:
Bad: Based on this reading, what do you think about healthcare? Good: Based on this reading, what can enhance healthcare design?

5) Focus beyond a case study and on larger issues

Bad: Is ADA a valuable code? Good: In what circumstances can you see accessibility to be a liability?

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