Reconstruct a dialogue important to your event, English homework help

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Post #13:

· Describe a person central to your event. Include a physical description and gestures or behaviors. See slides 6-7

  • Describe a key person: Write a brief description of a person other than yourself who played a major role in the event. Name and detail a few distinctive physical features or items of dress. Describe in a few phrases this person’s way of moving and gesturing

Post #14

· Writing Dialogue See slides 8-9

Reconstruct a dialogue important to your event.

  • Try to remember any especially memorable comments, any unusual choice of words, or any telling remarks that you made or were made to you.
  • Try to partially re-create the conversation so that readers will be able to imagine what was going on and how your language and the other person’s language reveal who you were and your relationship.

Post #15.

· Framing: beginnings and endings. See slides 13-14

Pick an approach and write your conclusion now:

  • Try to connect your event back to your quotation in the last paragraph.
  • Consider the meaning of the experience (avoid tagging on a moral)
  • Show that the conflict was/was not fully resolved
  • Contrast your remembered and current feelings and thoughts.

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