Revenue Cycle

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you are to create a professional presentation for your Health Information Department in which you can use either a power point, an instructional layout of a word document, or a memo format in a word document. Do not write a paper as these needs to be more of an instructional layout. Also include any resources that you used in your information.

You will need to do additional internet research to add details and insights. Create the presentation in your own words and make the presentation as easy to read and understand as possible. Any creativity to make it more interesting is always helpful also. These are skills you will need in the Health Information Field if you would do presentations or instructions in your department. This will also help you learn the Revenue Cycle as you teach others about it.

In your presentation to the HIMS Department, describe and present the Revenue Cycle from beginning to end as described in the power points for your Module 1 Live Classroom and research you have done via the internet in regard to the steps of the Revenue Cycle process found in a hospital setting. Describe each step in the Revenue Cycle with enough detail so that your staff will understand how different jobs in the Revenue Cycle work together and the proper order of the jobs as they sequence and impact one another. Suggested elements of your presentation would be job descriptions, job requirements, team work, and how each job impacts the other. Must have 7 PowerPoint slides minimum.

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