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Please post your rough draft via the assignment link here (attached as a Word-accessible document) and in the appropriate Group discussion board forum (not the smaller Team discussion board forums) by the deadline. Within that forum, look for the thread with your Team animal name. More detailed instructions about where and how to post your rough drafts for peer review may be communicated by your Group instructor.

You should attach the following documents:

  • Your written profile (this should be a complete draft, including preliminary secondary sources inclusion).
  • A list of concerns you have about your working profile draft, tied specifically to our Project 1 assignment and accompanying grading criteria.

Remember: this should be a full-length rough draft, not just part of it. Complete the entire profile to the best of your ability. Synthesize the required secondary sources. This draft won’t be perfect, but don’t worry about that. That’s why revision is important.

Remember: you are submitting your rough draft in two different locations by this deadline: the Assignment link and in the Discussion Board forum. Make sure to do both.

While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, if you’ve completed a full-length rough draft by this deadline, you’ve demonstrated Persistence and Responsibility.

Full-length, full-content rough drafts are due by 5/28.

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