Sentence Patterns and Verb Expressions

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Retype each sentence and draw vertical lines to identify the slot boundaries in the following sentences; label each slot with its form and function. In parentheses at the end of the sentence, identify its sentence pattern.

Please line up the slot boundaries, the forms, and the functions neatly and carefully.


My wife / created / a picture book / for our new baby / on her computer. (Pattern 5)

Noun Phrase1 predV NP 2 prep ph prep ph :Form

Subject transV dir obj adverbial adverbial :Function

1. Disgruntled tourists stormed the service counter during the seven-hour delay.

2. My cat usually sleeps in her heated bed on cold winter afternoons.

3. After years of hard work, Jenny and Mathew became expert scholars.

4. The clerk me an informational pamphlet and a worksheet.

5. The softball accident left my ankle bruised and sore.

6. In my opinion, the election results were a mixed bag.

7. The coat is on the hook in the doorway.

8. My rich uncle left my cousin a family heirloom.

9. The butter tastes bad because of its age.

10. The citizens of the 13 colonies made freedom their motivating principle.

11. The new curriculum is, by all standards, complicated and challenging.

12. The football coach broke down the next play into two separate strategies.

13. The cat is under the couch.

14. The magician in Las Vegas slipped and fell on the stage.

Part II

Directions: Identify the components of the main verb in each of the following sentences. Your answers will be in the form of verb strings.


Jennifer was having a difficult day.

past + be + -ing + have

  1. I have usually understood every principle.
  1. Peanuts were falling on the floor.

  1. Drake has been counting his blessings.
  1. I confused one answer with another.
  1. The potato chips crunched in my mouth.
  1. William and Kate could be the next king and queen.
  1. My little brother may be getting a new place to live.
  1. The dog certainly looks happy in the new back yard.
  1. I should have eaten one hour before my workout.
  1. They will probably be having their new baby in April.

Part III

Directions: In parentheses, identify the pattern of the basic sentence underlying each of the following transformed sentences. On the line beneath the sentence, identify the structural shift in focus that the sentence has undergone: passive voice, there transformation, or cleft sentence.


The students have been given their locker assignments. (5) passive voice

  1. The shopping mall in our city was demolished last May.
  2. What brings us to the farmer’s market is the abundance of fresh, ripe fruit.
  3. Thirty witnesses at the bank were interviewed about the robbery.
  4. There’s no front yard as neglected as mine.
  5. It was my dog’s barking that woke us up at dawn.
  6. It was Jan’s cousin who left the gift.
  7. What Georgette made her grandson for Easter was a blanket.
  8. There are certainly lots of cars in the parking lot after lunch.
  9. The candy at that store is usually sold at a discount.
  10. There were several of my favorite programs on television last night.

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