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The Supernatural

Smith is clearly at great pains to play down the supernatural and mythic elements of Christianity. Why?

The Centrality Of The Resurrection

Paul of Tarsus wrote: “If Christ be not risen, then is our faith vain.” Even without the supernatural apparatus, Smith seems to agree with that, true? Why is the Resurrection accorded such a central place in Christianity?

The Good News

Smith explains the “Good News” of Christianity as the belief that Christian love can overcome the fear of death, guilt, and the miseries of unbridled ego. If this Good News is not played in its mythic or supernatural aspects–something Smith really insists upon–how exactly is that supposed to work?


In his discussion of the centuries-long uproar about the doctrine of Incarnation, Smith explains the problem as being the conundrum of having to preserve both the full Divinity and the full Humanity of Christ. Why was each side of that god/man conjunction too important to discard?

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