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Personality Assessment (Big 5 vs Myers-Briggs) 

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For this assignment, you will take two online personality tests (the Big Five and the Myers-Briggs personality tests). Your task will be to compare your results from each  assessment and determine which personality test best describes your personality and why. To complete this 3 page assignment (at least 1000 words!), you will:

1. Take the Big Five personality assessment by going to 
https://www.psychologistworld.com/influence-personality/five-factor-test/ (Links to an external site.)
.  Review the results and write a one page summary discussing whether you find the results accurate.  Take each factor (Openness, Conscientiousness,  Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism), provide your percentile for that factor and discuss whether or not you agree with that result. Do not simply write, “I agree  (disagree) with the result”; rather, discuss why you agree or disagree by providing one example for each factor.   Each example will be worth 5% (for a total of 25%)

2. Complete the Myers-Briggs at 
http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp.   (Links to an external site.)
After answering all 64 questions, click on “Score It”.  Read “Your Type” and record your percentages for each of the four dimensions.  Go to “Self-development” and read the full description of your personality type.  After reviewing the description, write a one page summary discussing whether or not you find these results accurate (this will be the second page of your assignment).  What specifically does or does not match your understanding of yourself?  Be sure to provide one example for each dimension (include your percentages!).  Each example will be worth 5% (for a total of 20%).

3. Compare the two personality assessments (this will be page 3). Which assessment do you think provides a more accurate description of your personality?  Provide at least 3 reasons for your choice (this section needs to be ½ page).  Each reason/example will be worth 10% (for a total of 30%).

4. To complete this assignment, in 3 short sentences, discuss what you learned about yourself from completing the two personality inventories (15%)

5.  Submit your assignment by the due date listed on the course syllabus.

Your grade will be calculated as follows:

Big 5 discussion (5 examples at 5% each)                                                                              25%

Myers-Briggs discussion (4 examples at 5% each)                                                                20%

Comparison of two personality assessments (3 examples at 10% each)                            30%

Reflection (what did you learn from the assignment)                                                           15%

Overall quality of essay (correct grammar, spelling, etc)                                                      10%


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