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    The Ancient Era – minimum 250-word summary  The Middle Ages, Renaissance, &      Reformation – minimum 250-word summary  17th & 18th Centuries – minimum 250-word summary  Personal Response – minimum 250-word response addressing what you learned and how      you felt learning about the treatment and history of people with      developmental disabilities How This Relates to GS 420 – minimum 250-word response addressing how the readings relate to the content of this course as      covered so far

Each section is worth 2 points for a total of 10 points. 

Formatting your paper: 

– Heading: Name (Last, First), Date, GS 420 Section # (1 or 2), RED ID

– Times New Roman, Size 12 font

– Double-Spaced

– 1.0 Margins

– Indent first sentence of each paragraph

– Title for each section 

– Be sure to use appropriate, respectful language throughout your paper. Refer to Disability-Related Language Standards on Blackboard.

Failure to follow correct formatting instructions may result in points loss.

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