syrian civil war/Black Panther essay (1250 words max)

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The Disney/Marvel film Black Panther raises several significant issues which strongly overlap with what we have learned and discussed this quarter. Specifically, the film’s narrative about different factions within the same ethno-state attempting to liberate their people — globally, in this instance — from what has been for them an oppressive and discriminatory socioeconomic-political system should be familiar to you when you consider the countries and events we have covered in this class.

The ultimate question, though, when considering Black Panther from this perspective is whether its protagonists — whomever you identify them to be, and this decision matters — succeeded or failed in their “revolutionary” objectives, much like whether the real-life protagonists we learned about this quarter succeeded in theirs. Regardless, there are ample ways to show how Black Panther’s narrative is a strikingly convincing analogue to some of the revolutionary movements in the Middle East.

To that end, consider the following statement:

The events and characters in Black Panther most closely resemble the nonfictional story of the Syrian uprising/civil war that began in 2011 and continues to this day, especially when viewed from the lens of revolutionary movements.

Using between 1000 and 1250 words, explain why and how the above statement is true. In writing your answer, consider all that we have learned this quarter about what constitutes a revolution, how revolutions progress and evolve over time, and when/where/why they fail or succeed. Your answer should draw from both real-world examples discussed in class, as well where those examples overlap with the film. Please reference the actual names and identities of the characters involved in the film, which can be found on its Wikipedia page located here. To get the highest possible score for this response, you will want to demonstrate your knowledge of the course material, as well as an understanding of the film and how it correlates to the course subject. No outside sources beyond assigned readings and lecture are necessary; everything you need in order to get a high score you should already have if you have kept up with the readings, attended lecture, and were attuned to our class discussions (especially this past Monday’ssession).

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