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Chapter 10 Assignment – First Draft Graded as complete/incomplete. Proof that your first draft has been reviewed by the AskUp must be submitted to receive credit for final draft that is due next week.

For this assignment you will write a letter of appreciation to one of your teachers (past or present). Your letter will be mailed to the teacher, so an error-free copy is required to get full credit for this assignment. You should send the first draft to AskUp by Thursday of this week. . . If your final submission is not error-free, your grade will drop 20 points or more, depending on the number of typos or formatting errors. An error-free copy is required to get credit for this assignment.

Write the teacher of your choice a letter explaining the effect he or she has had on your education. Be specific and give examples of how the teacher has helped you. Your letter should be three or four paragraphs long.

Your filename for this assignment should be in this format: LastNameFirstNameChap8. Submit your file as a Word document. No other file format will be accepted. Format the letter as a personal business letter. There is an example on page 574 and page B-4 (Appendix) in your textbook. . If the educator is no longer on this campus, you will need to find his or her correct mailing address. The top part of your letter should look something like this:

Your street address (your name is at the bottom in closing lines, so it is not necessary unless your design your own letterhead)
(if you are not comfortable sharing your actual address on this assignment, use a fictitious street address)

Current Date (do not abbreviate – use full, three-part date. Ex: December 25, 2018)

(Insert various number of blank lines after date to center your letter vertically on the page)

Dr. Good Teacher (If the teacher does not have a doctorate, use Mr. or Ms.)
Name the University
Department of Expertise

Dear Dr. Teacher: (use colon and only the last name of the teacher in the salutation)

Word sometimes defaults to a multiple line spacing. You may need to highlight your document, right click, go to paragraph, change spacing to single, and “before” and “after” to “0.”

In the closing lines, use a comma after “Sincerely” and type your name a double-space below “Sincerely.” In an original, hard copy letter, you would leave three blank lines between “Sincerely” and your typed name, then sign your name in ink. However, in electronic letters, a double-space below the closing is appropriate

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