Technology and Addiction

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Technology and Addiction

Thesis : Technology has shown to changed over generations in many ways , it has also showed effects of getting addicted to its using .

FCD Prevention Works. “Teen Technology Addiction “ Creating a Healthy Balance , Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation . 16 Mar. 2017…. 3 Nov. 2017.

  • Different types of technology that are becoming addicted to . ¨ Video and computer games, smart phones and tablets, social media and the Internet provide a variety of access points that can promote dependence on technology and negative consequences for youth: Internet , Video/Computer Games , Smartphones , Tablets , lifestyle technologies , and Social Media ¨
  • Smartphones , tablets , and lifestyle technologies promote taking time off doing things and have the power to connect with people . ¨ Smart phones and tablets, and the emergence of other smart devices from the Apple Watch to the Amazon Echo, promote addiction by removing the time lapse from tasks and activities that previously required logging into a desk bound, or at least a backpack-bound, computer source.
  • Technology is being made different in many ways . Technology fulfills our natural human need for stimulation, interaction, and changes in environment with great efficiency. When teenagers experience stress, be it romantic rejection or a poor grade on an exam, technology can become a quick and easy way to fill basic needs, and as such, can become addictive.
  • Technology impacts the pleasure systems of the brain in ways similar to substances. It provides some of the same reward that alcohol and other drugs might: it can be a boredom buster, a social lubricant, and an escape from reality.

Dreifus , Claudia . “Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens ” The New York Times . 6 Mar


3 Nov. 2017.

  • Reality Addiction used to come from chemical substances but know it’s more from how act or our behaviors. ¨In the past , we thought of addiction as mostly related to chemical substances : heroin , cocaine , nicotine . Today we have this phenomenon of behavioral addictions where , one tech industry leader told me , people are spending nearly three hours a day tethered to their cellphones . ¨
  • Many people think of addiction as something you like doing but becomes so constant you can’t stop . Addiction can be defined as , ¨ something you enjoy doing in the short term , that undermines your well-being in the long term — but that you do compulsively anyway . ¨

Seattle Times Staff . “ Are we becoming addicted to technology ? “ The Seattle Times . 18 May 2016….

3 Nov. 2017.

  • Technology used to be interesting and was rare because not many different kinds had been made yet . Now it’s common for everybody to know about and get new kinds of technology as soon as it is released . “ PEOPLE are not shocked and amazed by technology like they used to be. It has become normal for grandmothers to check the weather, send a text, pay a bill and look up a restaurant review in about five minutes on the same device. “
  • The use of modern technology starts at a young age . “ children age 8 through 18 spend an average 7.5 hours per day using such devices … teens, 12 through 17, report sending 50 or more text messages per day, and one-third send 100 or more.”

Joyce , Amy. “ Teens say they’re addicted to technology. Here’s how parents can help. “

The Washington Post . 3 May 2016 .…. 3 Nov. 2017.

  • Majority of addiction occurs in teens and adults . “ Half of of all teens say they feel addicted to their mobile devices. That’s right, 50 percent of teens actually admitted that they feel addicted. “
  • Not only do teens feel they can’t put their devices down, but their parents know it (59 percent) and many parents themselves can’t put their own devices down (27 percent).

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