The abdomen

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Mr. J.C., a 55 year-male caucasian, is admitted to the Medical-Surgical Unit with complaints of sharp pains in his right lower abdomen. He also complains of nausea and a slight headache. He denies vomiting. Upon assessment, you palpate his right lower abdomen, and he grimaces and screams as you remove your hands. His Temperature is 101.2F; Pulse 96 even and regular; Respiration 20 even/unlabored; Blood pressure is 130/82.

  • Based on his presenting signs, what other questions would you ellicit?
  • How would you demonstrate knowledge of cultural sensitivity/humility in approach to this patient?
  • What would you assess?
  • What could be the problem?
  • included at least three references no older than 5 years.

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