The Criminal Justice System Consists of three agencies

The Criminal Justice System Consists of three agencies:

1. Law Enforcement (Police)
2. Courts
3. Corrections

Criminal justice systems include several major subsystems, composed of one or more public institutions and their staffs: police and other law enforcement agencies;trial and appellate courts; prosecution and public defender offices; probation and parole agencies; custodial institutions (jails, prisons, reformatories, half-way houses, etc.); and departments of corrections (responsible for some or all probation, parole, and custodial functions).

The Criminal Justice components create a system when they apply their functions together looking for the same objective; to enforce justice into society. Even when the components of the Criminal Justice system are working to accomplish the same objective they work in different fields and the job of each component is very different from the others.


For this assignment you will provide three scenarios on how the agencies work together


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