the K-1 polymerization department of OilChem Corporation

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Q1) A process safety incident is the unexpected release of liquids and gases in processes involving
highly hazardous chemicals. Incidents continue to occur in various industries that use highly
hazardous chemicals which exhibit toxic, reactive, flammable, or even explosive properties or may
exhibit a combination of these properties. There is potential for an accidental release any time in
process industry. This in turn creates the possibility of disaster. The safety management system
encompasses all the activities of the management for the safety and security of workers and
system by protecting them against the process hazards.

Prepare a comprehensive report on Hazard analysis and industrial safety management of a
chemical industry that addresses the following issues:

(i) Potential hazards present in the industry
(ii) Reasons of accidents, its details. Action taken Report (ATR) of the most recent industrial
accidents. Include as many as recent incidents as possible.
(iii) Awareness and adequacy of the safety management concepts in tackling the accidents.

Q2) A positive Safety culture in any workplace is absolutely a vital part of a successful and effective
health and safety programme. The concept of safety culture is encapsulated by the mindsets,
attitudes and behavior of the employees towards safety in a workplace. Plan and describe in detail
a program to establish a positive and strong safety culture in a workplace.

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