This is a full fledged project/paper based on any random topic of your choice , data you will collect, and then analyze it with 3 different graphs you make. You will have an introduction and a conclus

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This is a full fledged project/paper based on any random topic of your choice , data you will collect, and then analyze it with 3 different graphs you make. You will have an introduction and a conclusion.  The file  attached is the full rubric, please follow accordingly. Here is what is required for this project:

Introduction: The first paragraph/first part of the Introduction of a paper should be designed to attract the reader’s attention and give them an idea of the paper’s focus.

Begin with an attention grabber. You need an attention grabber, so be sure to read this carefully.

The attention grabber you use is up to you, but here are some ideas:

If the attention grabber was only a sentence or two, add one or two more sentences that will lead the reader from your opening to your topic discussion.

The remaining paragraph(s) of the Introduction will talk about the specifics of your topic: What is your topic? What is your population; your sampling methodology; your expectations or hopes going into this; what you’re hoping to find out; why you’re interested in this; why we should be interested in this?…..  DO NOT draw any conclusions in your introduction, but set it up for the reader.

Data Collection: The previous videos demonstrate two tools you might use: SurveyMonkey has a limit of 40 replies from people taking the survey. Some students in the past get more responses than that, so they are not able to retrieve the additional data. Also, I believe Survey Monkey makes it more difficult to get access to your data.

4) Another option that I recommend instead is Google Forms. Google Forms allows you to easily create a survey and there is no limit to how many responses you may get. So if you were planning on getting 50 people to reply, and it turned out that 150 actually did, you get access to all of the data. Plus, I find it easier to retrieve the actual data using Google Forms. I recommend you use Google Forms.

5) Or….. Choose something else you are familiar with. Choose what works for you. It is time to start collecting your data this week. Create the online survey and then invite your friends and family or colleagues to fill it out. Use Face Book or any other social media platforms to invite people. It may take too long to get all of your data that you need, so start today.

After you have watched the videos on SurveyMonkey or Google Forms in this folder, you may use one of them, or you may use other tools as well, especially if you already know how to use them. It is your choice how you collect the data. You will explain how you did the data collection as part of your project/paper.

Here are also links of videos explaining how to choose your topic, how to collect the data, and how to put everything together.

1.Choosing your topic

2.Collecting Data

3.Putting everything together.

Minimum Requirements of the Research Paper :1) Title Page2) Table of Contents ( All pages of the paper should be numbered and listed here )3) Introduction ( Why this topic ? What’s interesting about this topic ? What areyou hoping to find out ? Any pre-conceived thoughts about what your resultsmight be ? What’s your Population ? Who was surveyed ? How many ?Sampling Procedure you used ? Any problems that you can see with your sample?What are you hoping to find, and why is this important ? The introduction shouldbe at least one page. Spelling/Grammar will be checked throughout the entirepaper. Do not draw any conclusions in your introduction.)4) Clean copy of the survey that was given.5) Collection of the data ; How was the data collected? How representative do youthink it is of your population? ( List somewhere all raw data collected. )6) Create Graphs ( At least 3 different kinds using software, includingexplanations ! ) and spread them appropriately throughout the paper. [ Include ahistogram for question # 7 below. Is it normal ? ]7) Frequency Distribution for one Important question on your survey.( Show class boundaries, freq, cum freq, rel freq, etc ; also compute basicdescriptive statistics : mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation,coefficient of variation worked out, quartiles, percentiles etc. ) What doesthis tell you ? Explain what any of these calculations might tell you aboutyour topic.8) Compute a confidence interval for your important question (see #7). Show allwork and formulas used. Explain what your interval indicates. How large asample ( n ) would you need to use to get the Error ( E ) to be even smaller ?How small would be appropriate for your situation ?9) Perform a hypothesis test for your important number question (see #7 and #8).( Define H0 , Ha . Use z or t test as appropriate; show all work. Explain what thisindicates about your chosen topic . )10) Choose one important question to analyze as a Binomial situation. Find andexplain , , n, mean, standard deviation, draw a graph, is it normal ? Find aconfidence interval for p ( the population proportion) or do a hypothesis test forthe Binomial question.11) Other. Do some other statistical tests that we have covered in the course.Additional analyses could include: Compute the difference between means, ordifference between proportions, or compute/analyze correlation/linear regressionof two variables, or do an appropriate chi-squared analysis….etc..12) Conclusion : What did you learn about your chosen topic ? ( What might youdo differently if you had to do it again ? Would you change your survey ? Wouldyou change how you got your sample ? Any interesting or surprising results ?Etc…. ) Summarize what you have found out. At least one page.

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