Time Management Focus Breakers

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For this time management assignment you will focus on focus breaker exercise and assessment. You will do Internal, external focus breakers, and then answer the 3 problems and come up with a plan. Please write 3 pages not including title, please include 12 font time roman,citation,references.

Focus Breakers

Self-Imposed, Internally Motivated Focus Breakers

Start learning to focus by taking a personal inventory of the negative activities that cause you to break your focus.

Instructions: Look carefully over the following list of self-imposed, internally-motivated focus breakers, and put a check mark by the ones you do that break your ability to stay focused.

Insufficient planning Socializing

Surfing the net Attempting to do too much

Getting lost in details Preoccupation

Ineffective delegation Unwillingness to say “no”

Arguing Lack of self-discipline

Procrastination Failure to prioritize

Your own errors Failure to listen carefully

Your need to over-control Unrealistic time estimates

Poorly defined goals Misplacing or losing items

Failure to anticipate events or changes Responding to counterfeit urgency

Have some focus breakers not on the list? Add additional focus breakers below.

External Focus Breakers

Now, what about all the focus breaker activities that are externally motivated? These are the activities we are often sucked into that cause us to break our focus as well as make us feel irritated and frustrated.

Can we say no to all of those? Not really, but to many of them we can. First, complete the following assessment. Check the Externally Motivated Focus Breakers you encounter most often.

Meetings Delayed work

Delayed decisions Inappropriate use of email, voicemail, etc.

Computer problems Poor communication

Errors by others Telephone calls

Frequent visits (drop-ins) Lengthy visits

Poor definition of tasks or problems Unclear lines of authority

Understaffing Lack of feedback

Unclear roles Ongoing incompetence

Conflicting priorities Emotional conflicts

Changing instructions, priorities

Have some focus breakers not on the list? Add additional focus breakers below.

Answer the 3 problems below

  1. List three internally imposed focus breakers and then revise them to make them focus makers; which one will you focus on first?
  1. Pick three external focus breakers that you will need to resolve while you are working on your degree. List all three and then pick one and explain your plan for resolving it.
  1. Think of a situation that will likely occur in the next month that may interrupt your coursework time and how you can say no. Explain the situation and your plan here.


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