To Test or Not to Test – That is the Question

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You are interviewing for a job that you really want, and things seem to be going very well in your conversation with the interviewer. In the next stage of the interview, you are asked if you would be willing to undergo a preliminary drug test, an integrity test and a clinical personality test prior to being considered for employment. An integrity test obviously seeks to determine ones honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty, etc., as a future employee. A clinical personality test seeks to determine whether a person is likely to commit theft, use drugs or turn violent in the workplace.

You are also told that should you be hired you will be subject to random drug testing throughout your employment. Given the kind of career/workplace you would like to be in would you agree to these tests?

  1. What would a Utilitarian advise you to do?
  2. OK, drug test maybe, because it’s become pretty standard, but would you agree to take the integrity and clinical personality tests?
  3. Is it fair or even legal for an employer not to give you a job because a test indicates you may be likely to commit theft, use drugs or turn violent in the future?

Post your thoughts and comments to all the above questions.

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