Unit VI Reflection Paper

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As discussed in the unit lesson, resolving conflict in the workplace requires using interpersonal skills, management skills,
and techniques. Interpersonal skills can consist of understanding individual differences, self-esteem, self-confidence,
communication, teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, cultural relations skills, motivation skills, customer service skills,
ethical behavior skills, and stress management skills. Management skills focus on the type of management skill applied
such as collaborating, accommodating, forcing, avoiding, and compromising. As a member of the workforce, you must be
able to effectively resolve conflict, either with the use of interpersonal skills, management skills, or by applying the
recommended ways of responding to tension in the workplace (e.g., overcoming defensiveness, accepting of the tension,
and resolving the tension).
For your Unit VI Assignment, please reflect on your knowledge of resolving conflict that you have experienced or observed in
the workplace. Please analyze what you have learned. Describe how your learned knowledge can be used. Also, identify
how this information can be used to resolve conflict in the workplace in your current job or from a past incident you have
experienced. What steps/methods were used in resolving the conflict?
Your reflection paper should be at least three pages in length, including an introduction, a body that supports your reflection,
and a conclusion. Be sure to include a title page. The title page does not count toward the total page requirement.


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