Since you’re taking a queer studies course, it’s only fitting that you experience queer culture. For this assignment, you will attend an approved LGBTQ South Florida event, provide evidence of your attendance (ticket stub, photograph, etc.), and write a two page (double spaced) reflective statement about the experience, making connections to our course themes, topics, and readings about LGBTQ Studies.

In developing your reflection paper, please include the following elements:

  • A clear description of the queer event and your experience as an audience member/participant (use of “I” is appropriate for this form of reflective writing).
  • Connections between what you’ve been learning in class to what you took away from this queer experience.
  • Draw upon at least 2 course texts in developing your reflection. Use a combination of direct quotes and paraphrases in your writing.
  • Seamlessly integrate the course texts and ideas into your reflective essay (i.e., don’t disconnect the readings from the experience=try to interweave these parts together).
  • Clearly convey your take-aways.
  • Includes polished, professional prose that, though not necessarily “perfect,” demonstrates clearly organized ideas and a commitment to the drafting and revising process.

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