Identify an Indigenous Peoples (global) community outside the US i.e., Mexico, Canada, South America, New Zealand, etc. and conduct research through various sources such as Native News Media, books, research articles, web- sites, films, etc. Use “Indigenous World” PDF on Bb Learn to help you identify your topic/ indigenous community. Your research paper should include the following:

  1. Brief History, including demographics, geography, indigenous language, etc.
  2. Contemporary Challenges and or Issues of Indigenous Peoples (should be the focus of your paper)
  3. Conclusion and or Recommendations for Indigenous Peoples Globally
  4. References from a variety of sources

Research Paper should be 4 pages narrative/content, double space, 12pt font; include 6 distinct sources on one page, two research journals (Native News Media, books, research articles, web- sites, films, etc.) properly cited, no Wikipedia. 

Research journals like Journal of American Indian Education, American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Journal of Arizona History, Wicazo Sa Review: A Journal of Native American Studies and American Indian Quarterly publish on indigenous issues.

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